View Full Version : Illegal Distribution Of JShop Server

31-03-2006, 09:30 AM
We have recently found the distribution file for JShop Server 1.3.0 placed on the Internet in a number of places that appears to have originated from one or more places originally. In addition we have tracked that a number of recent sign-ups to the forum, and subsequent postings, have come from people using our software illegally.

It is with regret that this leads us to the following courses of action:

1. We will be delaying the Beta release of 2.0 of JShop Server whilst we continue to try and track who has been illegally making the software available or have exhausted all avenues for this. This is obviously extremely difficult and may prove impossible unfortuatnely. However with such a large uprade to the system coming, we want to limit any risk that the person or people who have made the source code available have come from our own user base and do not wish to release it until we are as sure as we can be that this isn't the case.

2. We are investigating ways in which to better protect our software for the coming 2.0 update. This is obviously extremely difficult due to the nature of PHP. However we can introduce some mechanisms that will make it harder to distribute and easier for us to track it's origination should it be released illegally. One thing we will not be doing, however, is encoding the source code as this is troublesome both for us and the end user, especially to those who like to extend the system, something we do not want to limit and we want to make that clear. Again, this will cause a delay to Beta, whilst new development work takes place.

3. We will be requiring all customers to register their store URLs with us - access to the download area will not be permitted without this information being provided. Those with developer licenses will also be required to register store URLs with us. The terms and conditions of the license for JShop Server will be altered to reflect this and you will be required to agree to the updated terms in order to download and install 2.0.

4. We are monitoring the forums and if the trend of illegal users of the software coming for help on the forums continues we will be turning all the JShop Server forums into registered users access only. We really do not want to do this as the huge wealth of information, questions and responses are of obvious use to those looking to purchase the system but we cannot allow our forums to be used to give support to those who are not entitled to it. If this course of action was taken we would add a single "pre-sales" forum for those who do not already own the software but any posts looking for support on that forum would be moved or deleted.

In addition to this there are a couple of points we would like to bring to the attention of our users:

1. Do NOT upload the JShop Server distribution zip file to your web server. If you have the distribution file there please remove it immediately.

2. Under the terms of the license for JShop Server you are responsible for ensuring that the distribution file and license information is not made available to anybody outside your company.

3. If anybody has information regarding the illegal release of our software please contact us either via. email to support@jshop.co.uk or by telephone on +44 (0)1663 749726

We cannot currently state when Beta will begin, although Preview will continue to be updated in the meantime as we resolve the remaining issues. We apologie for any inconvenience this may cause but as a small company the distribution of our software on the level we've seen recently is extremely concerning.