View Full Version : Changes To Support Email

24-07-2007, 09:02 AM

We have rolled out the first phase of our new support email system today, active on the support@jshop.co.uk email address. This first phase implements filtering on emails to help us better identify those contacting us and to combat the huge quantities of spam that the address receives.

As we have always stated in our auto-responder, a valid registration code should be included in all emails sent to support and any emails sent to support@jshop.co.uk without one will now be rejected with a reply message explaining why this has happened. In addition if a valid registration code was included but the license no longer has a support level, the email will again be rejected and an explanation email sent.

Those emails that include a valid registration code and have an active support level will be delivered and an acknowledgement email sent to the sender's address.

We have also setup a couple of other email addresses, details of which we will be including on the front page of the registered users area shortly.

We are planning more changes to the email support system over time and we will update you as and when these changes happen.

If you encounter any issues with the new email system please email reg@jshop.co.uk and we will investigate them.