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16-01-2008, 09:03 AM
Server Move

We will be moving our web sites and services to a new higher capacity server arrangement in the United Kingdom this weekend (19th / 20th January). Whilst we do this we will be closing access to our registered users area, installation service and forum. It's likely that the forum will remain closed for a longer period of time than the registered users area and installation service, which we'll try to get back up and running as soon as possible. In addition to the move we will also be updating the forum software we use and making some other changes to our systems, the most important of which is detailed below.

Feature Voting

When the registered users area re-opens you'll see that we'll have added the long-awaited feature voting tool. This tool will enable registered users with licenses that qualify for voting rights to be able to start feature requests and vote on other feature requests that have been added. We'll be using this tool to help decide what features are added to JShop Server in the future so if you want your voice heard, it's important you use the feature voting tool. We won't be accepting feature requests via. any other method once this is live. The feature voting tool will also provide a clearer picture of what we're developing and what will be included in new updates. Bugs will not be dealt with by the feature voting tool.

In terms of eligibility, the following licenses will be given voting rights:

1). Licenses that are less than a year old or,
2). Licenses that have a support arrangement with us (either Tier 1, 2 or 3).

Regardless of the tier a license is on it will get the same number of votes, so a single license with Tier 3 support will get the same number of votes as a single license with Tier 1 support, for instance.

Although all users are provided with updates to JShop Server free of charge we feel it's important that those who have an active support arrangement, or those who have purchased within the last year, are the ones that should have an input into how the product develops. Users who have licenses without voting rights will still be able to view the feature request system but will not be able to start requests, vote on requests or comment on the requests.

If your license doesn't currently meet the eligibility you can, of course, take out a support arrangement with us at any time via. the registered users area by clicking 'Licenses' and selecting 'Order Extra Services'.

We'll provide more information on this system and more details on how it works on Monday. We're looking forward to seeing how this beds in and it should be expected that this tool will evolve and change over time so we can all get the most from it.

Release of 2.1.0

We are still planning to release 2.1.0 before the end of January, all being well. We will keep all our users updated via. these announcements.

20-01-2008, 12:52 PM
The server move has now been completed and all our systems should now be running as normal again.

The feature voting addition to the registered users area will be live on Monday morning. We're completing some final tests and will post a news item when it's available.