View Full Version : Using bugs@jshop.co.uk For Support

01-05-2008, 10:43 AM
We're seeing an increasing trend in customers with no support, or those with Grandfathered Tier 3 support, using the bug reporting email address bugs@jshop.co.uk in an attempt to get a support issue seen to.

Please note that emails to bugs@jshop.co.uk should only be for bug reports and you should include as much information about steps to reproduce the bug as possible. We will only reply to emails sent to this address if we require further information or clarification on the issue. Emails sent for support issues to this address will be discarded.

All other questions should be sent to support@jshop.co.uk and they will be dealt with under your current support terms. If you do not have support with us these emails will be rejected with a response explaining this.

Support can be ordered from the registered users area by logging in, selecting Licenses and then selecting 'Order Extra Services'. For those still on Grandfathered Tier 3 support please note that there is a discount available if you upgrade to Tier 1 or Tier 2 before this expires.