View Full Version : Software Update: JShop Server 2.1.2 Released

26-09-2008, 02:06 PM
Version 2.1.2 of JShop Server, which had previously been in beta testing, has been officially released today. This update contains some major changes to the administration system login and authentication system to provide some extra security options, major changes to the cart session handling system with much more flexibility and scope for customising how your site handles user sessions, support for Protx VSP Direct and many additional bug fixes and code improvements.

In addition, a recently highlighted flaw in PHP's handling of random numbers which can lead to cross-application attacks has led us to change the random number handling in JShop Server to mitigate the risk should there be a vulnerable web application installed in the same hosting environment.

Full release notes are available from the 'Download' page in the registered users area. The following installers are available:

- Full installer (for new installations)
- Update from 2.1.0
- Update from 2.1.1
- Update from 2.1.2 (Beta 1)

There is an update document also available on the download page to guide you through updating your store. In addition the full documentation has been updated and a full 2.1.2 template set is also available.