View Full Version : Support Packages Now Available In 1 Year, 6 Month and 3 Month Blocks

11-02-2009, 02:30 PM
From today we are now providing support packages for JShop Server in 6 month and 3 month blocks, in addition to the normal 1 year option. We have done this in response to some customers feeling that they don't need a full year of support, but would like a period of extra support for help with their site.

These are available on all Tier levels which means that you can now pick up Tier 3 support for 3 months for a low price of 17 GBP (+ VAT where applicable), or get faster Tier 1 support for 3 months for just 40 GBP (+ VAT where applicable). In addition, all these support packages give full access to the feature voting system as has always been the case wit hthe 1 year support options.

Full support prices can be found on the 'Your Licenses' page in the registered users area. You can also order a support package from the 'Your Licenses' page by clicking on 'Order Extra Services'.

Grandfathered Tier 3 customers: Those with a still to expire Grandfathered Tier 3 level will only have access to purchase the full 1 year or Tier 1 or Tier 2 support at a discount equivalent to the normal Tier 3 cost, as per our original announcement when the Grandfathered support came into effect. Once your Grandathered support level has expired you will then be able to access the 6 month and 3 month options.