View Full Version : 2.2.0 And Protx Move to SagePay

21-04-2009, 08:35 AM
Today is the day that Protx supposedly re-brands as SagePay, although a previous milestone in their announcement of last week (regarding emails coming from @sagepay.com from the 18th) doesn't appear to have happened. Nor does the protx.com site move to sagepay.com, which should have happened at 7am this morning, appear to have happened. There's currently some confusion as to what the state of play is and we are looking to see what happens today/tomorrow before releasing 2.2.0. If all is well we'll be updating with the new SagePay URLs and presenting the integration as SagePay in the JShop Server admin system and releasing either tomorrow or Thursday (subject to curve-balls!)

In addition, we'll be removing the Simulator options in JShop Server as we have been informed that these are no longer a requirement when testing an integration and the simulator is now only operating on their protocol 2.23 (which we've only just been furnished with integration documentation for). The update to 2.23 will not happen in this update and it has been confirmed that there are no plans to stop acceptance of 2.22 on the test or live servers.

We appreciate your patience on this but as 2.2.0's release and Protx's re-branding have coincided, and as Protx is one of the most used integrations in JShop Server, we feel it's best to let Protx sort out their teething problems and then update as necessary. In the meantime the existing Protx integration in JShop Server will continue to work.