View Full Version : Software Update: JShop Server 2.2.0 Released / New Documentation

23-04-2009, 08:54 AM
JShop Server 2.2.0 Released

Version 2.2.0 of JShop Server, which had previously been in beta testing, has been officially released today. Some highlights from the new version are:

- New template management system
- Built-in CSS Editor
- reCAPTCHA integration
- Additional SEO options
- Support for external SMTP server
- 'View All' option added to sections
- Many additional enhancements and options

In addition 2.2.0 includes a number of bug fixes and has had the Protx integration updated to reflect their rebranding to Sage Pay and to use the new Sage Pay URLs (for a period of 6 months, Sage Pay will be accepting the old Protx URLs as well).

Full release notes are available from the 'Download' page in the registered users area. The following installers are available:

- Full installer (for new installations)
- Update from 2.1.1
- Update from 2.1.2
- Update from 2.2.0 Beta versions

There is an update document also available on the download page to guide you through updating your store. In addition the full documentation has been updated and a full 2.2.0 template set is also available.

New Documentation

In addition to the release of 2.2.0, the first phase of our new documentation is now complete. The documentation for JShop Server is now available in 5 parts - Installation (for installing the system), Update (for updating an existing installation to a newer version), Users (for general use of the system), Templates (for template editing) and Developers (for those looking to extend the system). All of these, apart from the Users documentation, are now available in both PDF and web-based forms from the download page for the 2.2.0 release. The web-based versions of the documentation provide registered users with the ability to comment on the individual pages.

Due to the work involved in moving the main Users manual to our new documentation system this is currently only available in PDF form and we are working to convert this to the new system as quickly as possible.