View Full Version : Forum Spam [UPDATED]

05-05-2009, 09:22 AM
We are encountering a surge in the amount of spam accounts joining the forum, which started a couple of weeks ago. From what we can gather, this is something that's happening to many forums and would indicate a more concerted effort to post spam on forums recently. They appear to be manual sign-ups and postings, rather than by an automated means, and we're finding that the first post is now happening very shortly after joining, rather than what used to happen which was a delay between signing up the account and subsequently posting (which gave us a chance to ban obviously fake accounts before a posting happened).

We're going to keep a track on this for the next couple of weeks and if it does not ease up, we may have to alter the forums to avoid having the manual work of constantly deleting thread and posts and banning the users.

21-05-2009, 06:25 AM
Due to the rising tide of spam accounts and the associated time we have to invest in banning accounts and removing spam posts, on Monday 8th June we will be closing all public parts of the forum that allow posting. After this time you will only be able to post on the JShop Server forums once you have signed up and linked your forum account to your license account via. the registered users area (as is currently done).

We do not feel that this will make a material difference to those looking to purchase JShop Server as the number of posts on the pre-sales forum is very low and the vast majority of pre-sales is dealt with via. email or telephone.

The only forum that will remain on public view will be News And Announcements.

08-06-2009, 08:31 AM
The forums have now been reorganised as we previously advised. There are no longer any open forums for posting unless you link your forum account to your license via. the Account Settings page in the Registered Users Area.

The forums have also been re-organised for consistency. If you are looking for the JShop Server versions 1.x forums, those can now be found in the 'Older Forums' section. They have been moved there as versions below 2.0.0 are no longer officially supported by us.