View Full Version : JShop Server 2.3.0 Beta Release / 20% Off Support Packages

17-05-2010, 11:12 AM
We are pleased to announce the availability of 2.3.0 (Beta 1) for all customers. This can be downloaded from our registered users area from the 'Downloads' page and it is available to all users, regardless of support package. As previously announced this is being done to provide the widest possible number of test installations for the beta to help fully test the large number of new features and enahancements in 2.3.0. Some highlights of 2.3.0 include:

New content management system called Articles built into JShop Server.
New discount code and automatic discount facilities, including limiting to products, sections and product categories.
One-step checkout option.
Paypal Pro and Paypal Express integration.
Google Checkout integration.
XML Sitemap generation.
Integrated 'search suggest' facility on shop search box.
New template parsing to allow inclusion of template tags in any field, e.g. product descriptions, snippets etc.
Multiple dispatch.
Administration system now compatible with Opera 9 and Safari 4.

2.3.0 represents the largest single update to JShop Server since the release of 2.0.0 and contains many of the most keenly requested features from our Feature Voting system. Installers are available to update existing stores running 2.2.0, 2.3.0 (Dev 1) and 2.3.0 (Dev 2) to the beta, along with a full installer of 2.3.0 (Beta 1). Update documentation is also available which includes details of the wide range of template changes you can make to your existing templates to take advantage of the new features.

A dedicated forum has been setup for feedback on the beta release and we'd like to encourage any user that installs and tests 2.3.0 to provide feedback via. that forum. In addition, for those with a support package, we can offer direct support for any issues encountered, including on live sites. If you do not currently have a forum account one can be opened at http://forums.jshopecommerce.com/ - once you have opened an account, login to your registered users area and on the 'Account Settings' page use the section on the right to link your forum account to your license.

Whilst full documentation will not be available for 2.3.0 until official release, a number of sticky topics have been added to the beta testing forum containing details on how to use some of the main new features and please use that forum for any functionality questions.

The Purpose of the Beta Test

This Beta test is designed to test the software for eventual official release. Apart from in very limited areas (where we will advise and request on the beta testing forum), features are now considered locked and requests for new features or enhancements to the existing features will not be responded to.

Beta versions of software will have bugs and issues, that's only to be expected. These could range from small issues to larger problems causing stores to stop working correctly. Installing beta versions is done at your own risk, and whilst we are available to those with a support package to help with any issues, you need to decide for yourself if you want to install this on your live site, understanding that problems may happen. Of course, you are more than welcome to setup a test version of your live site and install the beta onto that so that you can work changes to the templates into a test version of your site before going live and this may be the preferred option for some users.

Support Special Offer - 20% Off Support Prices

As we know that many customers will be keen to install this beta on their live sites, we are offering a 20% discount on all support packages purchased between now and the end of May 2010. To take advantage of this login to the registered users area, select 'Your Licenses' and click 'Order Extra Services'. The prices shown will reflect the 20% discounts. This discount is also available on new license purchases.