View Full Version : JShop Server 2.3.0 Officially Released

01-11-2010, 09:47 AM
We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.3.0 of JShop Server. After many months of development and beta testing, 2.3.0 includes a very large number of major new features and extensive enhancements to existing features. Some highlights in 2.3.0 are as follows:

New content management system called Articles built into JShop Server.
New discount code and automatic discount facilities, including limiting to products, sections and product categories.
One-step checkout option.
Paypal Pro and Paypal Express integration.
Google Checkout integration.
XML Sitemap generation.
Integrated 'search suggest' facility on shop search box.
Canonical link tag support

A full list of features added, enhancements and bug fixes can be found on the release notes via. the Downloads page for version 2.3.0 in the registered users area. Update installers are available for 2.2.0 and the previous beta versions along with a full installer. 2.3.0 implements a number of changes in JShop Server some forced by upcoming changes to PHP and some due to changes in the core code of the system. When updating it is important that you bear these changes in mind in case they impact your current site configuration. Help and advice on this is available under our normal support packages and we do offer an update installation service charged at 30 GBP (plus VAT where applicable) should you wish us to install the update. For more information on these important changes please see the following page in our update manual:

Changes That May Affect You (http://www.jshopecommerce.com/docs/v230/update/changes_that_may_affect_you.php)

Versions Below 2.2.0 No Longer Supported

As we announced previously, with the release of 2.3.0 we are dropping support for versions older than 2.2.0 as these are now more than two years old. This means that versions below 2.2.0 are no longer officially supported and you should upgrade to 2.2.0 or above. Downloads for versions prior to 2.2.0 are still available from the registered users are on the Downloads page under the 'Versions no Longer Supported' section.