View Full Version : Jshop Professional: Reminder of Obsolescence

06-01-2011, 10:39 AM
In 1997 we launched a product called JShop Professional, a PC application that produced stores using JavaScript and cookies. At the end of 2004 this product was removed from sale and support finished for it some months later as our focus had moved onto JShop Server and the needs of our customers were much better met by that product. At the time we offered very large discounts for those looking to upgrade to JShop Server, which many customers took advantage of.

However, since the beginning of 2011 we have been contacted by multiple store owners who are still using this very out of date software to maintain their stores, something we would strongly discourage due to the way that the Internet and browsers have evolved. It appears that some of the code output by JShop Professional includes a cookie expiry time dated at the end of December 2010 and so stores no longer operate correctly. This was never an intentional decision to include a 'time bomb' in the software as some of those contacting us have suggested, and was simply a date chosen for the cookie during development.

It is now over 6 years since this product was sold and we are unable to provide any help or support on its use. We are actually amazed that there appear to be a fair number of stores still operating on JShop Professional - it is a product that should not be relied upon 6 years after it was removed from sale for the production of functional and secure stores for the modern web.

If you are still using JShop Professional and you wish to move on to JShop Server please contact us for more information and we will be happy to advise.