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Exclamation JShop Server License Audit: Advance Notice

Beginning in June of this year we will be performing an audit of JShop Server licenses to ensure that licenses are being used in accordance with our End User License Agreement. This, unfortuantely, is required as we are encountering a number of licenses that are being used incorrectly, examples of which include a single license being used on multiple websites and, in some extreme cases, companies who are selling on JShop Server without purchasing licenses from us for that purpose. In addition, we have found a number of developer licenses being used by sites that no longer have any connection with the original developer license owner, breaching the terms of those licenses.

Please read the information below which explains what will happen during the audit and what you can do before it begins to help the process run smoothly. For the vast majority of users there will most likely be no need for us to contact you during this audit, and we'd like to thank you for supporting Whorl Ltd. and using JShop Server.

A copy of our End User License Agreement can be accessed here:


What Action Should I Take Now?

Before this audit begins we would like to ask that all customers update their licenses in our registered users area with correct and current details of sites where their license(s) are used. We note that many companies have not listed any site against their license (which is mandated by our End User License Agreement) and, beginning in August, access to the registered users area will be restricted if, 2 months after a license was issued, no site is listed against the license. Customers subject to this will need to provide the URL where the software is being used before being allowed further unrestricted access to our registered users area.

If you are knowingly using a license incorrectly, you are encouraged to rectify this before the audit begins by ensuring that you have purchased licenses that correctly cover the sites you are using the software on. To reiterate the license terms, you are free to run a development version for a live site under the same license, but you cannot run a development store for an additional site under that same license - you need to develop with a completely new license. In addition all development sites using licenses in this way must either be (a) installed for local development or (b) password protected.

What Will Happen During The Audit?

As the audit progresses we will be contacting customers where we have identified possible issues with the use of their license, asking for clarification on the situation. These customers will then be given a period of time in which to respond and explain the situation or purchase the licenses required to fully cover the sites they are using the software with. If no resolution happens during this period we will then view the customer as in breach of our end user license agreement and reserve the right, as provided by that agreement, to terminate their existing licenses. At this point we will use all means at our disposal to ensure that any site using those licenses are taken down.

Licenses where contact email addresses are no longer valid on the registered users account will be placed on hold meaning that the license, and registered users area access, will be frozen. Attempts to login to the registered users area will result in a message being displayed that the customer should contact us for more information. Licenses where the registered users area details differ in company name to the company name on the license, where we are not already aware of why there is a difference (for instance, different company details being used at the time of license purchase for the registration details), will also be contacted for confirmation of the relationship as part of ensuring compliance with our license transfer policy in our end user license agreement.

For sites we identify that we can find no link to any license in our database, we will contact the sites directly asking for information on who provided the site and software to them. It is important, therefore, if you do not want us to contact a site directly that you ensure that your site URLs are up to date.

What Should I Do If I'm Contacted?

We understand that in some circumstances licenses may have been used incorrectly by mistake. We also understand that in some circumstances the information we have will be out of date. Our contact will detail the information we have available to us, and explain why this has led us to contact you. For some customers this may just need a correction on what licenses are used on what sites, for others it may require the purchase of additional licenses. No matter what the resolution that is required, as long as the resolution is carried out there will be no further implications for you as a customer of ours, or on your licenses. We are keen to provide you with every opportunity to remain in compliance with our licensing terms.

Can I Contact You About This Audit?

If you have any questions regarding this audit, or want to confirm whether your license(s) are being used correctly please do feel free to contact us at
sales@jshop.co.uk and we'll be happy to discuss this with you.
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